Sunday, February 5, 2017

Video tutorial: How to paint wood on scale models - Method 2 of 3

The second of my series of three videos on how to paint convincing wood textures for your models. This time: build and paint your own weathered wood structures out of styrene sheet.

I love this second method because it is the most versatile when it comes to constructing wooden things in your dioramas or model kit builds. You can build anything out of white plastic styrene sheet: barns, boxes, fences, buildings, crates, literally anything.

The trick however is to make it look like real wood. Because it is featureless, smooth plastic, it can be a big job to make it look like wooden planks. And that is where this Method #2 comes in.

The video will show you how to texture styrene, and then paint it to convincingly look like old weathered wooden planks.  It doesn't have the magic moment that Method #1 had where it all just gels, but the coolness here is in the versatility: you can build anything!

So get creative, and if you try it, please do share a photo in the comments below - I'd love to see what you make. Really.



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