Monday, December 12, 2016

A new Dremel 4200 rotary tool

Yesterday was my birthday (thank you, thank you) and I must have been very good, because I received the following from my wonderful, wonderful partner Aimee.

Dremel 4200 rotary tool for scale model building
A Dremel 4200 rotary tool. Top of the line, baby!

Yes, it's a Dremel 4200 rotary tool. But you already knew that, as you read the photo caption.

I've been wanting one of these for a long time now. There have been many, many times when I've wanted to grind out an inaccessible bit of a model, and have had to chisel at it with a scalpel like a caveman. Now there's no stopping me.

Keep a look out for an upcoming video review very soon, once I've had a chance to play with my new toy.  Just don't tell my daughter I said that, it would undo all the times I've said to her "A tool is not a toy"...

Until next time,



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