Sunday, August 27, 2017

Working on the ocean base of my Sci-Fi project

Modelling water. Only brave and foolhardy modellers model water, and of them only the truly masochistic of modellers try to model moving waves and sea. I'm a sucker...

... but I'm going to have a crack at it.

My plan is to have my anti-gravity lighthouse (still need a catchier name than that...) floating above the ocean waves. That's the story. The physical reality of the diorama is that I have a round marble base that I bought from Kmart, which I have filled with plaster to simulate a wavy sea. In that plaster I have based two wires, which I am hoping to disguise as guy-ropes which are dangling over the edge of the deck, just touching the water.

Here's the cunning plan:

Aha. That is indeed a Cunning Plan.

Side-on view.

And here is the current reality. The waves look pretty plaster-y at this stage, but that will change.

Modelling ocean waves with plaster.

It feels great to be doing something so different to my last couple of builds.



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