Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sci-Fi build - further sketches and adapting as you go

The Sci-Fi anti-gravity build continues. I've been sketching up some revised ideas, adapting the original ideas as I go.

That poking-out engine thruster thing was never part of the original designs.

I don't think sketching is essential - I know not everyone can draw. But what I do think is essential is the ability to adapt as you scratch build. Bits and pieces don't go together in the way you expected, and other pieces organically evolve into funky new ideas you hadn't previously considered.

That's one of the most beautiful parts of scratch building (in case you haven't previously noticed, I really do love it when there is an element of chance in modelling, when there is something random and organic that happens - that's where the real magic is for me as a builder).  But you do have to adapt as a result, and these sketches are my own humble attempt at keeping on top of the crazy developing ideas in my head.

Plus it whiled away a bit of boring time at work. Pfft, work, getting in the way of important modelling time... ;)



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