Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New video: How to make a 1/35 scale coffee mug for dioramas

I'll start this off by saying up front that not every modeller will need this video. It's pretty niche. Not everyone has thought, "You know, what this diorama needs is a teeny weeny coffee mug in it." But a lot of modellers have thought, "What this vehicle or scene needs is a small touch of humanity, something to being a little something domestic to the scene." And for that, I present to you: the 5mm tall coffee mug.

How to make a 1/35 scale model coffee mug prop for dioramas

Like I said, it's a pretty niche topic...

But what I love about this video is that it shows just how many different approaches there are to a problem. I thought of a number of ways I could have made this tea cup / coffee mug, before finally settling on the solution I went with. Since I posted the video on YouTube, a number of people have commented on other ways it could have been achieved as well.

That's so cool.

How to make a 1/35 scale model coffee mug prop for dioramas
You read it right: 5mm tall. Brutal.

Anyways, for those of you who do find yourself one day needing to scratch build a 1/35 coffee mug - I hope this helps!

Video is embedded below, but in case that doesn't work here is the link:
How to make a 1/35 scale model coffee mug for dioramas.




  1. Awesome. Is the kettle boiling on one of the exhaust pipes or a heat vent? Its the small comforts that makes working a anti grav rig feel a bit homely.
    Great tutorial

  2. Hi Peter, those long weeks on anti-grav rigs pass slowly... :) Thanks mate, Dave

  3. Your sci-fi scratch build got me inspired to try one myself. Not near as detailed, but my little scout/probe droid is getting there... hopefully he's not held back by having lots of bits off Roden WWI engines attached to him...