Saturday, November 19, 2022

Miniature trash cans - limited edition of ten

 How is it nearly the end of 2022? I've been a busy artist, making a series of miniature trash cans. If I don't mind saying so, they're pretty damn cute.

There is a series of ten, and each is based on a Melbourne 1980s rubbish bin. Each has a VB tinnie, a discarded pack of Marlboros, and in each bin is an authentic copy of a 1980s The Age newspaper, a banana skin, and either a Coco Pops or Rice Bubbles retro cereal pack.

I'm selling these in the lead up to Christmas, so if you're interested please get in touch! (Please note, they're rather fragile, so I don't think they would stand postage, I can only sell to people in Melbourne so I can deliver face to face)

That Rice Bubbles box is about 3cm tall.



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