Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Video tutorial: how to use plaster of Paris to build ground in a diorama

I've uploaded another video tutorial.  This time I show you how to use plaster of Paris to form the ground on a diorama.

I have already build up the height I need using polystyrene cut to size. The plaster adds texture and contours to the diorama base, and makes a convincing ground surface to work with.

Part II of this video will concentrate on then detailing up the plaster surface with rocks, debris, sand, , grass and shrubs and the like.




Click here: Video link: How to use plaster of Paris for the ground in a diorama

Plaster of Paris is poured on top of shaped polystyrene in my Tunisian Tiger diorama
That donkey better get out of the way of that Tiger...

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