Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Soviet SU-122 diorama now has a base

My Soviet diorama progresses!

I've been working on my diorama base for my Soviet SU-122. Last night I poured a plaster base onto the wooden plinth (which used to be a cheap broken clock from a thrift shop).

Next step is to seal the dirt on the plaster using white glue, and then get painting the dirt!

A video will be coming soon.



Trial run to see how it all will fit.

More test fitting.

Ready to mix and pour the plaster of Paris.

The plaster is poured in.

Dirt is sprinkled on the wet plaster to give texture.

The tank is pushed in to give it a realistic sense of weight.
Nothing worse than a tank sitting on top of rocks and bumps with air visible under the tracks!

Positioning of figures and other elements so they also sit realistically.

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