Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Video tutorial: How to make a clear headlight lens for scale models

We've all been there. You are working on an older kit, armor or a car or a motorcycle or a plane kit from the 1970s or 80s, and you realise that there isn't a clear sprue included. Uhhm, what? No transparent parts? That means one thing: crappy solid plastic headlights. And that looks terrible.

Not cool.


I get it, kits back then had limitations. But solid plastic headlights are Not Good Enough in the 21st Century.

Luckily, there is an easy way to replace those solid plastic headlight lenses with home-made clear lenses. It's ingenious and cheap, and that is exactly how I like to build my models.

I first saw this tip a few years ago, and tried it once. It recently resurfaced in a discussion I saw on facebook, and as I am currently in the process of resurrecting my old 1960s-era White Scout Car (which had terrible concave solid lenses!) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a "how to" video tutorial to share with you lot.

It really is a rather clever technique.

Have a look at the video, and let me know what you think. As an added bonus, it's fun to do.

Until next time,