Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Woo hoo! Starting decals on the Mustang!

Always an exciting part of the build. Decals make your model suddenly start to look a whole lot more finished.

First few decals are on tonight.

I picked up an aftermarket decal set, as I didn't really love either of the standard colour schemes that came in the kit.  The aftermarket decals are Eagle Editions EagleCals EC-102 "-51D Mustang "To war with the Yoxford Boys" - I'm going to use the middle one, the Winged Ace of Clubs B6F.

So I've put on all the fiddly little access hatch stencils, plus the Stars and Bars on the upper and lower wing surfaces. That's it for this evening.

They're now settling down with a chunky layer of Mr Mark Softer to make them fit the panel lines better. That's always a hair-raising moment, when you see that stuff first bubble and blister your precious decals. I have to go to bed while it works, if I watch it I freak out and am tempted to touch (and therefore ruin) it.

Oh, how I hate to see that blistering, even when I know it means it's working...

You scare me, Mr Mark Softer. Every. Single. Time. 

I wonder if there is some poor schmo out there named "Mark Softer"??? Unfortunate.

Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.



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