Friday, July 21, 2017

Two Mustang milestones reached

I've passed two milestones in my current build. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not particularly enjoying the Mustang build now, I've just hit the stage of I want to finish it up (did someone mention this is what I do as a hobby, to relax?). But having passed these two milestones, I feel a bit closer to the end of the tunnel now.

Firstly, I completed the canopy.

1/32 Hasegawa Mustang canopy
That does look pretty good, I have to admit.

Putting that in position really makes the Mustang look like a Mustang now. Without that iconic bubble top, it just didn't look right.

Secondly, I installed the propeller.

1/32 Hasegawa Mustang propeller

This prop has been such a sloooooow piece of the build. I wanted to weather the propeller blades and so I spent extra time on them (and produced a video in the process) but I originally forgot to add the decals and so I had to re-weather it all over again once I did remember and applied the decals.  Then the spinner gave me grief, the first coat didn't look right. So I had to strip it back, re-paint, re-chip. All just a pain in the bum, really.

With these two important elements built, the Mustang feels a lot closer to complete.

1/32 Hasegawa Mustang
Getting there. Getting there.

Do other modellers hit a stage of "I just want it finished"? I know that my self-imposed Only-Build-One-Model-At-A-Time rule contributes to this, but this Mustang has just fought me every step of the way. If it could go wrong, it has. I am happy with it (well, 70% happy with it, there are a number of faults I won't go into here), I don't want to scrap it, but I just want to move on.

Just a reminder to self: this is how I willingly spend my spare time!



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  1. I suffer from it too Dave ......Ive just hit the wall with the Panther Ive been working on. I want it finished but can't face the weathering hurdle , so I started another kit .Finished building that and didn't want to paint it so I started a Tiger 1 instead ! Last night I started eyeing up the Elefant kit.... Ian