Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Finally back working on the P-51D Mustang

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but in the last couple of days I finally got a chance to work a little more on the Mustang.

It's painted in overall AK Interactive Xtreme Metal Chrome (AK477).  I've also painted a couple of panels in a light tone of Xtreme Metal Gun Metal (Ak483) to vary the finish. I feel like it needs some lighter panels still though.

Rather happy with the red rudder though.

I've also worked on the propellor spinner, but I'm not at all happy with the result. It's too matte, and the yellow paint came out very blobby so that individual drops of paint can be seen on the finished result. So I'm thinking it's time to just remove all the red and yellow and start again on the spinner.

This should be much, much smoother and glossier. With less bits of fluff caught in the paint too!

Getting there slowly. I've realised that there are some pretty inherent flaws in this kit, which is to be expected in a 50+ year old moulding, but it's meant that I now just want to finish it and move on to the next project. I'll do my best, I'm not going to abandon it now after all the hours invested in it, but it's never going to be my ultimate aircraft build, so it's time to just finish it up and move on.

Is that too harsh?



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