Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Still fixing that freaking Tiger diorama base

Last night I was busy still trying to fix the base of my Tiger in Tunisia diorama. It is a pain in the arse. I spent an hour painstakingly picking off the black finish with a sharp scalpel. Not fun.

The problem occurred when I first built the groundwork of the diorama. I bought a nice, matt-finish black frame, and then applied masking tape to the top surface so that paint and plaster wouldn't ruin it.  And when I peeled it off, it was fine on the sides and on the back. But at the front, the most obvious bit, the tape took some of the black coating with it.  I tried spraying the whole thing in some (fairly thick) layers of black spraypaint, but the nasty bits were still obvious.

Building for my own pleasure, I could live with it, even if it niggled at me a little bit. Thus it has sat like this since I finished the diorama 6 -7 months ago. But now that I intend to enter this into judging at the Australian Model Expo 2017, I need to fix this as it is just the sort of thing that would lose me points. [Ahem, did I attempt to claim recently that I don't care if I win or not? ;) ]

So we have gone from this on Monday night:

After extensive sanding back and a respray, we were here:

Still not good.

And now after an hour picking away with a scalpel we are here:

So tonight I will re-spray the matt black, I'll reassess again, and see what I can do next.

Such a pain in the arse...



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