Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My model competition references

After my post yesterday, I have had several people ask to see high-res photos of my entries and the references I supplied with my two dioramas at the Australian Model Expo 2017.

I made a deliberate decision to not show my own entries in yesterday's post, as I didn't want to be that guy who says "These winning models aren't perfect, here is mine which should have won!"

But I have also had offers of critiques from past and current judges, and as the whole point of this is to improve (and no feedback was possible at the Expo...) - have at 'em.

I am particularly interested in feedback on my references. I feel this is pretty comprehensive, but perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree entirely? Perhaps I should be much more succinct? Perhaps I should include more blueprints?  More photos? Less photos? I literally have no bloody idea if my references are good, bad or indifferent, and that is a very large part of my frustration with the judging process.

Here are links to PDFs of my reference documents for each diorama:

The SU-122 diorama references link

The Tiger diorama references link

And here are the high-res photos of my two dioramas. Image heavy post today, sorry. Feel free to ignore these if you've seen them here before ;)

"A Tiger in Tunisia"

"5 Rubles Says I can Start Her Comrade!"



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