Saturday, June 3, 2017

Video tutorial: How to make your own panel scribing tool for $2

I'm all about saving money when I can while modelling. Sure, there are lots of tools you can drop money on, but usually there is a way to do it without the big outlay. So today I'm showing you how to make your own panel scribing tool - most likely you already have the materials in your home, if not it'll cost you about $2 to build. Bargain.

how to make a scribing tool for scale model panels for $2

When you build an aircraft model, you usually encounter a problem when mating the two fuselage halves together. You have to sand away the seam between the two halves, and inevitably you lose some of the panel lines.

Re-scribing panels on aircraft models is a bit of a pain in the arse. If you try to dodgily draw them on freehand with a scalpel, you will stuff it up, I promise you (go on, just ask me how I know this...)

With a decent panel scribing tool, you will have more control and get better results.

So check out my video. It's easy, cheap and effective, which is my Holy Grail Trifecta for making models!

Click on the embedded video below,
or alternately here is the video link: How to make your own panel line scribing tool for $2.



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