Monday, November 20, 2017

New video: Comparing 3 x paint chipping techniques - hairspray vs Vallejo vs AK Interactive

Chipping paint is one of the absolute best weapons in a model maker's arsenal - well-chipped paint adds an incredible air of realism to weathered armour, vehicles and aircraft alike. But it can be tricky to achieve, and there are a number of competing claims as to the best way to chip paint in scale. So I've just released my latest video,in which I compare three paint chipping methods for scale paint chips:
  1. The hairspray method
  2. AK Interactive Heavy Chipping Fluid
  3. Vallejo Chipping Medium

Comparing paint chipping methods for scale models

I've had previous experience with hairspray and also with AK Interactive. Using the Vallejo product was a new experience for me.

I tried my best to keep it scientific and controlled, and for each of the three media I tested different amounts of product: for each there was a Heavy coating, a Medium coating, and a Light coating of chipping medium.

I used plastic spoons as my test base, but I also wanted to have a little skin in the game, so I also worked with some of the sub-assemblies of my current scratchbuild project. Who cares if you stuff up painting a plastic spoon test? But I would have been rather miffed if I had ruined one of the carefully-built sections of The Seahorse. A little incentive to get the best results, shall we say?

Comparing paint chipping methods for scale models

I came away with two main lessons from this experiment. I'll share the first with you here: When chipping paint, it's much, much better to apply 2 or 3 thin coats of chipping medium and paint, rather than trying to get it all done in one thick coat of chipping medium followed by one thick coat of paint.

As for the second lesson I learnt? you'll just have to watch the video to find out.

Video is embedded below, but in case that doesn't work here is the link:
Comparing 3 x paint chipping methods for scale models: Hairspray vs Vallejo vs AK Interactive

Finally, here is a link to a similar video that my friend Panzermeister36 also recently did about comparing chipping methods. Great minds think alike!  You can see Panzermeister36's video "Hairspray vs. AK Heavy Chipping Fluid" by clicking this link. We're looking into doing another collaboration video soon, but it's fascinating to see how his results compare to mine.



P.S. Below are links for purchasing Vallejo Chipping Medium or AK Interactive Heavy Chipping Fluid, if you're tempted to give either a try after watching my video. If you purchase using this link, I get a little kickback from Amazon, while it costs you nothing extra. Everyone's a winner, and it's a small way to help out with the costs of Dave's Model Workshop - what's not to love about that situation? ;)


P.P.S. Bloody hell, I've been slack with videos lately - apart from this latest one, I think I've only uploaded one new video in the last five weeks. I set myself a goal of a new video every week for you guys, so this isn't a great result lately. I've had stuff on, blah blah blah, you lot don 't want to hear my excuses, but I'll be back into a regular routine from now on. Thanks for bearing with me.

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