Sunday, July 7, 2019

New video: My completed TV & Hi-Fi repair store building

Here's my latest miniature - the Footscray TV & Hi-Fi Repair store. It's a building near where I live, and I love it. the paintwork is so weatherbeaten, the signwriting is so faded, that I just couldn't resist recording it in miniature. Plus, as an added extra, I've confronted my electronic ignorance and added internal lighting, wooooo!

Footscray TV and HiFi repair store miniature

Here's a comparison of the miniature and the actual building.

Footscray TV and HiFi repair store miniature

The building itself was a pretty straightforward build, even if time consuming. But when I was doing my final photography of the completed artwork, I somehow shook loose a desk inside the room. It was rattling around on its side, and the entire building was all sealed up...

So as you'll see in the video, I gritted my teeth and opened up the roof. There are some uncomfortable noises during this process - some coming from the miniature, and some coming from me.

However, I decided that since I was ripping the roof open I may as well try illuminating the interior, because as it was all that beautiful scratch built detail just wasn't visible in the dim interior. So I went to my local electronic bits and pieces store (is there a better term for that???) and confessed my ignorance to the guy there, and he drew me a great and idiotptoof diagram. As a result, I now have a shopfront with an illuminated interior - yay!

Footscray TV and HiFi repair store miniature
Hurrah, it worked!

It just goes to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks. (As long as you spell it out in very simple terms...)

Video is embedded below, but in case that doesn't work here is the link:
Scratch built model miniature: TV and HiFi Repair Store



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