Saturday, May 20, 2017

A mystery about the colour of a de Havilland Vampire jet on a pole

I live in the inner west of Melbourne. Fairly near my house is a shopping centre which used to be the Royal Australian Air Force Tottenham Store during the Second World War. As a nod to that history, they have an old de Havilland Vampire jet mounted on a pole at the entry to the carpark.

I tried to get some okay shots of it today, but they're not great.

Here's another shot I found online:


And here is a shot of it from when it was in operational service:


As you can see, when it was operational it was uncamouflaged, unpainted aluminium.

What I can't understand is when I look at it today: is this raw, weathered aluminium, or is did they misguidedly paint it grey before they plonked it on top of a pole?

I think it must be aluminium, and it is just weathered and sun-beaten until it is this dull, greyish tone.

Would that be right?

Any input is welcome.



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