Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Airbrushing outside in 8°C (46°F)

Soooooo, I had a quick bit of airbrushing I wanted to do. A single section, a single colour. One of those bottleneck bits that you have to paint before you can move on to other bits of construction. But I only airbrush outside, it is the start of Winter here in Australia, and when I get home at 5pm it is already getting dark. Rather than wait for the weekend, when I could airbrush during daylight, I thought I would do a quick, easy airbrushing session outside at 9:30pm to progress past this bottleneck.

Sitting in my centrally-heated house at my comfortable workbench, I masked off the section I wanted to paint.

Not the most complicated masking, I'll grant you.

Then I went outside.

"A bit chilly, but it's an easy, quick job", I thought.

Those fingers are red and numb.

Let me tell you, after 3 or 4 minutes, that metal airbrush is goddamn COLD to hold onto.

Twenty minutes later, my fingers are still aching.

Well, yeah, in hindsight it's easy to look up the temperature outside, sure...

There's a lesson in there somewhere...

Something about it's stupid to airbrush in the dark where you can't really gauge what you're doing with any colour modulation?

Something about checking to see how cold it is before you begin?

Something about paint might not act the same in such a cold atmosphere?

 Something about buy an indoor paint booth?

Something about being more patient?


Pffft, nah. And tomorrow when my fingers are working properly again I can stick on the windshield - huzzah! Take that, bottleneck!



  1. Hi Dave ...Ian here....Sitting in the bathroom with the extractor fan on is the go-to place for airbrushing during the winter months for me. The toilet also doubles as a fairly comfy seat too...

    1. Heh heh, that's a cracking idea mate! And fairly amusing too ;) Dave