Friday, May 26, 2017

Working out how to add detail to the Mustang's drop tanks

Today I had a spare few minutes, and worked out how I was going to add scratch built detail to the Mustang's drop tanks.

P-51D Mustang drop tank
This is what it's all meant to replicate.

A plan is not essential - in fact, I particularly love just ferreting through piles of spare bits and bobs when I'm scratch building looking for the perfect piece to solve my puzzle.

But it's is good to have a rough plan of what you're trying to achieve and just how you'll do that. And so, I present to you my masterpiece:

P-51D Mustang drop tank
This is the plan.

P-51D Mustang drop tank
It's good to use a pencil and get away from a computer!

This all seems pretty straightforward, a great way to add detail to the original, and rather basic, kit. The trickiest bit I foresee will be trying to cut nice, symmetrical circles out of foil with a scalpel. Makes me wish I had a rivet punching tool.

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