Thursday, March 1, 2018

Good news - my favourite hobby shop is re-opening!

So this morning I looked in my email inbox, and saw something from Metro Hobbies. They're my favourite hobby shop here in Melbourne, and last year they had to close their CBD store due to infrastructure railworks, meaning that if I wanted to visit their remaining suburban store I had to travel a 60km round trip. It was a bit of a sad situation.

But this morning's email was Very Good News Indeed. From Metro Hobbies' email:

"We are ecstatic to announce:

We are moving back
to the CBD!

We are very excited to confirm that Metro Hobbies will be opening a new Melbourne CBD store this year. Bigger and better than our previous Swanston Street store, we look forward to getting the doors open as soon as possible."

Hurrah! I'm very happy to hear that. It's nice to see an example of a hobby shop re-opening rather than the ongoing trend of them closing down. Now I need to dig up those two Metro Hobbies gift cards I received for Christmas...




  1. I agree Dave they are one of/ if not the best stores in melbourne. Although i tend to use the Box Hill store more and since its reno'S a
    few years ago the place is huge.
    Will Tatnell

    1. Box Hill is much larger than it used to be - although I miss all the display cases on top of the shelving in the old store. So many tanks!