Sunday, March 11, 2018

New video: How to scratch build a model air horn - or how to adapt and overcome even when the idea doesn't actually work

This latest video is something a little different for me. Halfway through filming I was tempted to can it, to just give up and move on to another video - absolutely nothing went right filming this video. But then I thought that maybe there was something valuable in the absolute fiasco, that there was some little nugget of gold in among all the crud that went wrong.

how to scratch build a 1/35 scale air horn for trucks or car models

If clever ideas don't work, go back to basics

I wanted to scratch build an air horn to mount to the cabin of my anti-grav build. I had a clever idea of a way to make my own air horn. I started filming. And from that moment it all started going pear-shaped.

But in the end I did come up with an air horn. It might not be as slick and polished as what I had originally envisaged, but I didn't give up. I adapted my plan, and overcame. And that is the small nugget of gold I mentioned earlier - that sense of pushing on and adapting. If Plan A doesn't work out, come up with Plan B, and then Plan C, D and E if necessary.

This video really isn't my most finest moment as a model maker and scratch builder. But it does show the reality of modelling - that things will go wrong (so many YouTube videos are just too perfect, the problems are edited out to make the modeller look perfect and totally in control...). It's important to develop that mindset of asking yourself, "If this doesn't work, what is my backup plan?" and this video shows that in absolute bloody spades.

how to scratch build a 1/35 scale air horn for trucks or car models
The end result. It's lucky I'm going for a slightly shabby, beaten-up look...
(Also, lookit that glue globbing near the window frame! Add that to the "To Be Dealt With" list!)

I try not to swear in my videos - don't get me wrong, I swear like a trooper in my everyday life, but I try to keep it professional in my videos as I know it's not to everyone's taste - but I drop the word "shit" in this one. It was just that kind of modelling day yesterday ;)

Video is embedded below, but here's the link in case that doesn't work:
Scratch building a 1/35 scale air horn, and learning how to improvise!



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  1. I think this can be filed under "Victory in the face of adversity".... good skills, mate!