Monday, March 18, 2019

New video: Airbrushing - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Last week I had a mixed week with my airbrushing. There was some good - my new Mr Hobby PS-270 airbrush is amazing. There was some bad - I managed to snap off the thread on the tiny nozzle of my old workhorse Sparmax DH-103 airbrush. And there was some ugly - I've realised I'm really rather bad at replicating graffiti on my scale model buildings...

I find graffiti very tricky. It's probably because I never did graffiti when I was an impressionable teenager. But I find it very hard to capture that fluid, smooth motion in the strokes of the pen or airbrush. Because I'm so carefully copying something that feels a bit alien to me, I don't have a fast and easy hand, and I think it shows. Oh well, c'est la vie - as I regularly tell my daughter, we all get better with practice.

But the good news is that I did manage to remove the stuck broken-off thread from inside my airbrush. A couple of people suggested I use an Xacto blade as a sort of jerry-rigged screwdriver, jam it into the broken thread and then screw it out. Hurrah - it worked!

Video is embedded below, but in case that doesn't work here is the link:
Airbrushing scale models - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!



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