Friday, March 29, 2019

New video: Dave's Cool Tool #1 - Corrugated iron maker

I've been playing around this week with a new gizmo, and it gives amazing results. It's a tool for making scale corrugated iron sheets. Normally I don't like to waste money on single-use tools, but I've been spending lots of cash on corrugated styrene sheet and I realised that there had to be a better solution. Now I can make as much corrugated roofing as I want at a tiny, tiny cost.

How to make corrugated iron for scale models and dioramas

I was starting to muck about trying to form my own scale corrugated iron using the corrugations inside cardboard... it wasn't effective.

I saw a couple of online tutorials about making your own tool. Hmmm, possibly...

Then I found this. It's from a hobby shop here in Melbourne, and they invented it themselves. For $20 it looks and performs much better than anything I could have jerry-rigged together, so I grabbed one. And I'm very, very happy with it. (You can kinda tell in the slightly overexcited video - I think I need to get out more...)

It was invented by Brunel Hobbies, and is available from their website - Brunel Hobbies.

By the way, this is in no way a paid recommendation - I have not received any commission, and I paid for my tool like a normal person. When I do find something good, I like to share it with you guys.

Plus, as an added bonus, it just looks slick.

Video is embedded below, but in case it doesn't work here is the link:
Cool Tool No1: make corrugated iron for scale models and dioramas




  1. Certainly looks a darn good bit of kit there. Did you say that they come for most scales? Just i am doing a 00/HO (1:76) scale model railway here in UK

  2. Yep, they certainly do. I'm a bit hazy on all the rail scales, but I'm certain they'd have it in 00/HO. Cheers.