Friday, March 8, 2019

New video: How to make your own fallen autumn leaves for dioramas

Sure, you could purchase commercially available fallen leaves for your diorama. They look good, and it's a little touch that adds a lot of realism to a scene. But they're really, really expensive - $10 for about 2g of leaves in my local hobby shop. Why not make your own? As long as you have a sharp scalpel and a steady hand, it's easy.

How to make fallen autumn leaves in 1/35 scale for diorama scenery

It's just turning to Autumn here in Australia, which means there are heaps of dead leaves all over the ground. Slightly annoying if you have to rake them up, but for me they are sweet, sweet free leaves that I can chop up to make little tiny leaves.

It's pretty simple, so I'll stop writing and let the video do the talking.

Video is embedded below, but in case that doesn't work here is the link:
How to make your own fallen autumn leaves for dioramas.



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