Monday, March 13, 2017

Modelling as a mindset: Great weathering references

I just got back today from a 3-day weekend away in Ocean Grove, on the Bellarine Peninsula south west of Melbourne (feeling suitably relaxed, thanks for asking). While we were there, we went to an agricultural show, and I spotted some great old pieces of farm machinery.  More importantly, I spotted some great references for future weathering of models.

Check out these shots. These are going in the reference library.

Perfect reference for faded, rusty metal.

Chipped paint!




Bare metal tracks!

Chipping and rust!

Oil stains!


Rust streaks!

Once you start making models, you tend to pay more attention to the world around you in a way that "normal" people don't. You see how light affects how you view something. You see how sun and rain weather metal. You see how dirt and mess really look, so you can replicate them in the future.

I really like that I view the world this way.



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  1. You view the world thru the eyes of an artist :) I like it too :)