Friday, March 10, 2017

Near the end To-Do List

I feel I'm getting near the end of the 1/35 Italeri Sherman and White Scout Car. Good news is that they are going to be part of a diorama, so my project is not finished yet.  But as I finish the vehicle stage of proceedings, I always find it useful to write myself a final To-Do List.

It's for all the little finishing touches which are easy to think of as you build, and then even easier to forget as you finish up. By writing them down, I find it easier to prioritise the workload and easier to not overlook those all important finishing touches.

So here it is:

Sherman tank To-Do List

  1. Paint headlights
  2. Repair and paint tail-lights
  3. Radio antenna
  4. Add black muzzle blast residue on gun barrel
  5. Complete the gas cap splashes
  6. Paint wooden handles of tools
  7. Add some gloss to some of the mud deposits

White Scout Car To-Do List

  1. Dent front fender?
  2. Make better headlight lenses?
  3. Paint wooden handles of tools
  4. Interior props: maps, helmets, guns
  5. Fix clear windscreen and spray dust on it
  6. Add some gloss to some of the mud deposits

I wrote my list while at work. Yep, stickin' in to The Man.

That's my list. Now I have no excuses to not finish these to the fullest.



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