Monday, March 6, 2017

Video tutorial: How to Weather Scale Models - Part I: salt technique, washes, chipping, rust

My latest video was originally intended to be all about resurrecting old models – you know, rescuing those half-completed projects from The Shelf of No Return. Instead, due to all the techniques involved in trying to salvage these old bangers, it evolved into a general “How to Weather Scale Models” video.  Which is rather a good thing.

I’ve split it into two parts, otherwise it would have been half an hour long, and that is just too long for anyone’s attention on YouTube.

Part I showcases some early techniques for elevating a basic entry-level model.  Assuming your build is okay and you've got a basic flat coat of paint on, then you can jump in here and make your very basic model into something a lot more impressive.

We start with some colour modulation, adding shadowy areas to the overall monotone colour. Then we move on to the Salt Technique to add more colour modulation (pssst, sneaky tip: this bit really does make a big difference - you could stop here if you were lazy and still have something 100% better than what you started with). Rounding out Part I we go into some pin washes to emphasis detail, some chipping and adding some rust.

It's not how I would do the model if I was building it fresh today (I'd do my paint chipping quite differently, much more like in this video) but working with a solid build, it has been a very satisfying process, and it gave me a good test bed to work with to video all these techniques. Plus it gave me a great sense of achievement to see what could be done with these two ancient 1960s-70s kits.

Part II will follow in the next week or so, where I will show you how to add mud, use pigments to add dust and highlights, and general finishing touches. Stay tuned!



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