Thursday, March 9, 2017

When photos of models (almost) look like the real thing

Jeez, I love it when I take a photo of a model and it could almost be a shot of the real thing.

Most of the time it doesn't happen. Most of the time my brain can realise that I'm looking at a small, scale representation of the real thing. Most of the time the painting isn't realistic enough to make thin plastic look like thick metal armour plating.

As evidence, see these shots.They're fine, you know, but they don't look 100% convincing. They look like photos of models.

Like I said: they are fine.

But sometimes, sometimes, it does look like the real deal. Well, it does to me at least. And that's when I know I'm doing something right.

Here's today's special one:

 If I saw that online, with no context, I would assume that was a photo of a real armoured car. Real armour, an inch thick.

Now I'm motivated to finish the White Scout Car. Bring it on.



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