Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More work detailing the P-51D Mustang engine

When I left off last night, I thought I would be good to start painting the Rolls Royce Merlin engine.  But then I got to thinking of more scratchbuilding detail I could add.

I need to add plugs for the top wiring to be attached to. The moulded-on "wiring" that comes in the kit is just atrocious! By adding some little mounting points with styrene, I can then drill tiny holes in them and securely attach the wire I intend to add. This should make it a lot more secure.

That moulded-on ice cube tray on top is supposed to be ignition wiring...

The twelve little cylinders will do to represent ignition wiring points.

I also began thinking about how I can add plumbing between the engine and the oil tank further back in the fuselage.  Do I rig up some kind of framework between the engine and the fuselage bulkhead?

The good thing is that once it's all built, the bottom 50% of the engine bay isn't really visible, so I can:
1. Use this area for structural support
2. Ignore superdetailing the bottom half of the engine.

Finally I airbrushed the engine assembly overall matte black in preparation of some brush-painted metallic finishes tomorrow.

A coat of black has already done wonders for this engine.



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