Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Visited my local hobby shop this afternoon

Good lord, I consider myself lucky that there is a friendly hobby shop on my way home. It is literally a three minute diversion from the usual route I take to get home every afternoon, and perfect for popping in to grab essential supplies for that evening's modelling.

My local shop is Battlefield Hobbies (, run by a friendly guy called Chris.

Man, I love walking in the door of a hobby shop...

I knew I would soon begin painting the interior of the fuselage on my Mustang, and I needed to pick up some Chromate Green paint for the engine bay and wheel wells.

A quick ten minute visit, and I was sorted. And respect, Chris even knew that the cockpit interior was a different colour to the engine bay and wheel wells. He's helpful and at the same time not trying to just push extra sales.

Sorted. Four bucks. And NO postage.

Support your local model shop people. The internet is amazing, but there is nothing quite like having a place where you can walk in and walk out with you need right away. If you don't support them, they'll all disappear.



(P.S. This post is completely independent and unsponsored.)

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