Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Resurrecting a Panzer IV found in the rubbish

I have a mate called Ian who I met through this blog. He’s a fellow model-maker, and also lives here in Melbourne. And he is my Model Champ of the Week™ (an illustrious prize I just made up) because he found a beaten up old 1/35 scale Panzer IV model  on the side of the road in a hard rubbish collection and has brought it back to life.

There was a fair bit of scratchbuilding and spare parts raiding to replace various missing bits and pieces. I for one cannot pick what bits are scratchbuilt and which are original, which to me is the sign of some truly inspired scratchbuilding.

Here are some photos Ian shared with me after weathering:

That is a good looking model there. Cool Rubik's Cube, too.

I’m truly impressed. And now I want to scour hard rubbish collections wherever I see them in the hope of finding a little gem like this.

Well done Ian.

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