Monday, October 16, 2017

New video: Scale model science-fiction scratchbuild - Part 2

In the last video on my scratch built sci-fi ship, I had built the engine and thruster section. In this latest video, I've been working on the various rudders and the mechanical sections which will mount a large aerlion.

Scratch building a model science fiction ship in 1/35 scale

It's slow progress, but I'm enjoying the scratch building journey.

I also discuss how intimidating I have found it to start to tackle the hull. Even though it's only a cheap, disposable bottle, and thus utterly replaceable, I have found it nerve wracking to contemplate cutting into the hull. It's another of those "once you do this there's no going back" model making moments that I find can be a real bottleneck (previously discussed here relating to irretrevably
splashing mud all over your amazing built tank)

The solution: just push on through.

Video is embedded below but in case that doesn't work here is the link:
Scale model science fiction scratch build - Part 2.



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