Friday, October 6, 2017

Scratch building a hydraulic arm

I've never actually worked out the engineering of how a bulldozer's hydraulic arm works. I knew they are yellow and have hydraulic pistons on them, but until I set out to scratch build one, I had never actually paid attention to how the pistons move the arm and how the system is engineered. Physics, pfft, I don't need no physics.

I want it to function like the arm on this bad boy.

I love this about scratch building. If you want it to look realistic, you need to do some research and work out how a real machine would work in the real world.

And I now have a little stop-motion video in my head of how a hydraulic arm works. A little like this, although in my head it doesn't have quite such a mid-90s Microsoft clip art aesthetic...

Although these don't look like much now, they will soon be two hydraulic arms which will mount one of the two aerial rudders I recently built.

Scratch building hydraulic arms for models
Scratch building starting off with sheet styrene.

Scratch building hydraulic arms for models
Shaping to make two pieces of the arm.

Scratch building hydraulic arms for models
Two arms, two pieces in each.

Scratch building hydraulic arms for models
Weld seams added with stretched sprue.

I've also been adding weld seams to the metal arm, and will have a "How To" video out this weekend I hope.



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