Sunday, April 1, 2018

Can't decide on colour schemes for The Seahorse

One of the perks of being a graphic designer is that you have software that makes life easier for modelling. For instance, I was trying out some colour scheme ideas in my head for The Seahorse, and then I realised I could mock  up an illustration of the vehicle very quickly and try out some of my ideas in a much more easily visualised way.

The result of which is this: three colour scheme options for The Seahorse. And I can't decide which I like most.

Option A

Option B

Option C

I might let it mull over in my mind for the next 24 hours, but if you guys have any clear preference I'm all ears. I'm not saying I'm throwing it open to a popular vote, but is there anything that particular works or doesn't work in any of these three options? Whaddya think?

Looking forward to hearing from you,



  1. Hi

    B is cool.

    I think it might show off and highlight some hard working elements through salt weathering especially the reds and greys contrasting against the white. Also from some irritating weird looking barnacles that just will not give the hull or the captain a break. A daily chore. The Plus is, I get another great tutorial. Happy Easter.


    1. Thanks Peter - I plan to weather this poor old workhorse pretty roughly! Barnacles could be a very interesting addition... thanks! Dave

  2. Hi Dave i like C the best the line in the midddle reminds me of the line on the side of ships ....handy software for sure ....Mike

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback. I like the line too. Cheers, Dave