Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Seahorse - finessing the paint scheme

I received a pretty resounding response on Facebook and YouTube that Option C was the best of the three presented in my last blog post. But I did have a couple of people mention that they were surprised that there was nothing high-visibility about the scheme: blue and white look good, but what is to stop another anti-gravity ship from flying into a blue and white ship out on the open ocean? Fair point.

Just to refresh your memory, here was the popular Option C.

So I decided to finesse the design slightly, to include some high-visibility red.

I present to you: Option D:

The red and white reminds me of high-vis communication towers I saw on my holiday in Japan four months ago.


I think I'm pretty happy to work with this. There will be tweaking and developments as I go, of course, but as a general plan of attack I'm pretty satisfied.

Thanks for all the feedback people!



1 comment:

  1. Hi, David! It's Leandro from Brazil. In my opinion, Option D is the best. It looks like a mix between a ship and a lighthouse. Looking forward for the finished product. Cheers.