Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Painting insignia on The Seahorse

I feel I passed a rather large milestone this evening. I finally hand painted on the seahorse insignia onto the hull of The Seahorse.

I originally came up with this idea back in October 2017 - six months ago! Phew, slow progress...

I started off designing the basic shape using vector illustration:

Seahorse vector illustration

Then with that reference close by, I first drew a rough positional outline with a fine-tipped mechanical pencil:

Painting the Seahorse insignia on the hull

And then holding my breath I took the plunge with paint and paintbrush:

Painting the Seahorse insignia on the hull

And finished it up.

Painting the Seahorse insignia on the hull

It's about 30mm tall, roughly 1 inch.

I think I'm happy with it - I may put a solid black inside so it's a black seahorse with a white outline, more like the serial numbers nearby. I'll sleep on it tonight and re-assess tomorrow if it needs tweaking.




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  1. Well done! Good brushwork.. It might be fun to do thick(ish) black formlines as in the vector illustration on the right and solid eyesockets to make it look skeletal? Or has the manky weather here just turned me into a goth?