Friday, April 13, 2018

New video: Painting and weathering - in depth hairspray chipping tutorial

Back in December 2016 I produced a video demonstrating the hairspray technique for chipping paint on scale models. That was fine for then, but I have tweaked my hairspray technique since then, and I thought it was time for a revisit.

So I have produced a new video on the hairspray technique. It's a more in-depth view, with a slightly more finessed technique that gives better results.

Painting and weathering: in depth hairspray chipping video tutorial

The main difference is that I find thinner layers of both hairspray and also topcoat paint gives a much, much better result. It becomes a lot more controllable, and it also avoids those massive chunks where a big section of topcoat sloughs off all at once.

So check it out. You may think you know how to do this technique, but this hopefully gives you a little more insight on it.

Video is embedded below, but here is the link in case it doesn't work:
Painting and weathering: in depth hairspray chipping tutorial.



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