Monday, November 7, 2016

A visit from my model making mate Gav

So this weekend just gone I had a visit from my old friend Gavin, who is also an old hand at model making. 

Gav was the first person to convince me I should try using oil paints in my modelling. He lives in the Blue Mountains, about an hour out of Sydney, and it was great to have him visiting Melbourne for a lightning fast weekend visit.

In among martinis and discussing military history, we also chatted about models.

Gav is mainly a figure painter, and I have been in awe of his work for many, many years. I have been trying this weekend to convince him to come back to modelling 1/35 armour and dioramas.

I wanted to share a couple of photos of a 1/35 WW2 British officer which Gav painted in a day on his last visit to Melbourne, back in early 2015.  I was working on my Stuka at the time, and we had a great day building and painting together.

Here is Gav's work. I'm always impressed at his lifelike skin tones and his paint blending skills.

Nice work Gav.

Until next time,



It's an old-school white metal kit.

Great colour modulation.

Lookit that khaki!

Gav "The Modelmaster" at work in 2015.

The finished result.

Just beautiful.

And here is a photo from this weekend just gone.

Yep, martinis and military history.

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