Thursday, November 10, 2016

1/35 Japanese Kurogane 4x4 staff car diorama - INDEX of all posts

So in writing up my "How to"s on the Japanese staff car diorama, we ended up with EIGHT posts spread over a good month. I thought it might be helpful to have a single page index, with links to all of the various posts.

Here you go, how to make a 1/35 Japanese staff car diorama in eight easy steps:

Part I - building and detailing the kit and initial bare metal basecoat

Part II - the Hairspray Technique

Part III - wheels and figure poses

Part IV - finishing the figures, and scratchbuilding the folded hood

Part V - adding action and movement to a static model

Part VI - sculpting and building earth on the diorama base

Part VII - adding jungle vegetation to a Pacific diorama

Part VIII - finishing touches

I sincerely hope you've found something interesting in these posts, and something you're tempted to try for yourself.

Please do comment or contact me with any questions or feedback.



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