Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Figures for my SU-122 diorama

It's been a quiet couple of days as I had a work Christmas party last night. Yes, I know, in November.  Ridiculous. The silly season is upon us already.

Anyway, tonight I was able to do a little work on the newest resin figures which recently arrived. I had previously washed them in soapy warm water to remove any residue on them from the casting process, and tonight I assembled them.

I'm trying two new things here:

1, I'm going to leave their cast bases on, as this will make them easier to handle while painting.  I *think* that the base will be fairly straightforward to remove once they are painted and finished. Fingers crossed.

2. I am leaving their heads off to paint separately. Heads and faces need so much close up detail work, and I am going to try to paint these separate to the body to make handling easier.  I had to trim off some tiny supporting moulds which were holding the chin straps, and it was very delicate here. The resin is rather more brittle than I expected.

Both of these new ideas are very much based on me being able to remove the cast mould easily when the time comes.  Hopefully this doesn't bite me on the arse. Time will tell.

Next up is painting them in grey primer, and then the journey of figure painting begins!  I've got four figures for this diorama: one in the hatch of the tank, and then two or three standing around the tank looking skeptical. My only downside is that two of the figures have crossed arms - greay for my story telling, but will they look too similar, too same-same?   I'm going to paint all four, and then see how they look when I position them around on the diorama groundwork. It's all about assessing as you go, and being willing to change your preconceived plans as the Masterpiece unfolds! ;)

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After. Not drastically different, I'll grant you.

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