Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cheap as chips diorama bases from Kmart

I found these at my local Kmart on the weekend.  

(This is Australian Kmart, not the godawful depressing store called Kmart that you find in the USA)

Marble-effect trays (20cm diameter) and a marble-effect candle.  They look pretty good - nobody is believing that they are honest-to-god real marble, but they have a decent solid weight to them and have little protective pads on the bottom surface.

They cost $6 each, so for under 20 bucks I got two round bases perfect for a 1/35 armour diorama, and an upright plinth which will be perfect as a plinth for a 1/10 Hindenburg bust I recently ordered.  Just add plaster groundwork to the dish, and hey presto! instant diorama.



That plinth will do nicely for a 1/10 scale bust.

In case any readers want to chase their own down at Kmart.

The perfect size for 1/35 armour or vehicles.

That is Just Meant To Be.

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