Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Building a 1/35 Japanese Kurogane 4x4 staff car diorama - Part VIII: final steps

The final steps!

When we left off in Part VII, we had just added jungle vegetation to the diorama.

Final steps

The final elements were as follows:

I added rust to the chipped areas on the car. For this model I made my own rust "paint" using steel wool and vinegar, but I have since discontinued this as I have found a pre-packaged rust paint set gives better results.  However, if you want to mess around with it and save money (it is ridiculously cheap, I can't deny) then go to this link:

The rust looks good, but I've since gotten better.

Not bad, I'll grant you...

Okay, it's actually pretty good.  But I still have a better technique now - check back soon for a video tutorial.

I also painted dust on the windscreen. Masking tape cut to size to indicate where the windscreen wipers would have cleared the dirt, and then a gentle light airbrushing of earth paint on a low psi.

Dusty windscreen? Check!

And that was it - finished!

I hope you have enjoyed this series on my Japanese staff car diorama.  Here are some final photos of the completed result.  Please do ask questions or give feedback, I'd love to hear from you.

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