Friday, October 21, 2016

Building a 1/35 Japanese Kurogane 4x4 staff car diorama - Part V: adding movement

Modelling movement in a static model

When we left off in Part IV (click here), I had just finished some critical assessment of my model and had tweaked a couple of details.

Now it's time to complete the vehicle before moving on to the diorama base.

There is a lot of thought required to make a stationary, static model look in motion.

I added the helmets to the front driver and passenger, and then added camouflage vegetation to the driver's helmet so that I could make it appear to be flapping in the wind.

I also tipped back the helmet on the wounded passenger, to hint at him slumping back in his seat in pain - added drama and storytelling.

For additional movement and drama in our scene, I also modelled the loose strap on the hood. Getting photoetched metal to roll into nice smooth curves is not easy, but it adds motion...

Actually it was painful to get those curves how I wanted them.

As previously described in Part III (click here) I turned the front wheels to have them steering into a tight corner.

Lastly, I decided to model a pair of binoculars hanging and swinging from one of the side mirrors as the car rounded the corner. I grabbed a pair from the spares box, and added a strap made from a strip of foil from the top seal of a whiskey bottle.

Swinging binoculars.

So look how much motion I was able to convey in this model with a few simple tweaks and scratchbuilds, compared to the very same model if it was built straight from the box.

Look at it go!
Stock standard image courtesy Rakuten Global Market.

Come back in Part VI when I build the jungle base to my diorama!



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