Saturday, October 1, 2016

Decided I need more details on the SU-122

Hello hello,

So I decided while I waited for the first undercoat to fully dry that I needed some final scratchbuilt details on the SU-122.

First off: proper grab handles on the external fuel tanks, made from leftover photoetch sprue.  just cut off a piece of the photoetch surround from a previous job, and bend it to a grab-handle.

Second: a wire tow cable to replace the really dodgy ones which came in the kit.  A future video tutorial will show you how I made these.

Finally: a mounting bracket on the front fender for towing clamps.

We're getting there.



Scratchbuilt grab handles on external fuel tanks for my Tamiya SU-122
Scratchbuilt grab handles on external fuel tanks

Scratchbuilt wire tow cable for my Tamiya SU-122
Wire tow cable.

Scratchbuilt fender tow clamp bracket for my Tamiya SU-122
Bracket for tow clamps.

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