Thursday, October 13, 2016

Video tutorial: how to paint model tank tracks the EASY way

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Another video tutorial.  This time, I show you a fast, easy, fuss-free way to paint model tank tracks.

A lot of modellers are spooked by tank tracks. And yes, they can be a little intimidating when you pick up this glorified elastic band and think "How do I paint that?".  Getting realistic paint on your tank treads needn't be a headache. It works equally well on rubber band tracks, individual plastic link tracks, and those expensive fancy-pants metal tracks if you are Mr Moneybags.

Watch the video, the method is easy, cheap and fast. You can thank me later.

Video link: The easy way to paint realistic model tank tracks.

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The easy way to paint model tank tracks.
A hint: it involves oil paint. Cheap, dollar store oil paint.

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