Monday, May 14, 2018

I think I've got my Model Making Mojo back after last week's setbacks

I was feeling pretty disheartened on Friday when I released my video about the setbacks on The Seahorse. I was pretty over it, the whole thing seemed like it wasn't going to work. Meh.

But after a weekend of studiously avoiding it, and then feeling fresh this week and reading over people's comments and suggestions on YouTube, I'm feeling ready to tackle that bastard again. It's not going to beat me. I just needed some time not looking at the disappointment to get a fresh perspective.

I got a lot of great ideas and suggestions from you all, and I've now got a lot of possible solutions to work my way through.

Thanks to you all. I love having such a great community to work with, I feel lucky to have such a cool brains trust to call on when I need to. You guys rock :)




P.S. I'm not sure I'll make it in time for the Australian Model Expo on 8 June, but I've been working on this for so many months that I'm not about to rush it at the last minute for the sake of an arbitrary deadline. If I make it in time, great. If not, I'll have no entries in the competition this year.*


* But at least I'll be 100% impartial in my commentary then, yeah? ;)

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