Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Seahorse - problems putting together sub-assemblies

This is where I got up to on Monday evening. The bottom engine is now installed, although it's a bit tough to see in this shot.

The Seahorse scratchbuilt 1/35 scale sci-fi anti-gravity lighthouse

I had some big dramas with the two hydraulic arms poking out the side opening. It wasn't pretty, people. First I realised that the industrial yellow poking out the side looked a bit weird - too overpowering compared to the blue and red hull around it. So I am in the process of repainting them a matching blue - what you can see here is the rust undercoat that I will show through chipping.

Then, while trying to cram the side engine assembly in through the top of the hull (because I had already put the bottom engine in) I had to snap off one of the hydraulic arms to make it fit.

I've been videoing it all, so you'll be able to hear my frustration soon! I didn't swear on camera, but it was a very, very near thing...



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