Friday, May 11, 2018

New video: Part 8 of the scratch built sci-fi series on The Seahorse

A couple of nights ago I shared with you my disappointment with trying to attach The Seahorse to the diorama base. Well, I've produced a new update video, and this hurdle features rather prominently.

Putting the whole thing together has been probably the most painful part of the whole build, as I've shared with you on my blog over the last week or two. This video encapsulates that frustration in sound and motion.

It's not my finest hour.

It's getting there, I can see the end in sight, but I think I'm ready to go back to building a manufactured kit where I have a fair expectation that it will probably all go together as intended ;)

Video is embedded below, but in case that doesn't work here is the link:
Scratch building 1/35 scale sci-fi model ship - Part 8




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  2. Hi

    The craft is quite close to the water line. Does the jet engine blow air, flame, water or magnetic fusion propulsion impulses(cool). I'd cover the wire, Build up the ocean around the the wire, connect the blasters with your propulsion e.g. red blue resins flames (what ever you prefferanc), connecting the blasters to the flame into the ocean and lift off.

    Thanks, good speed. It's still an Awsome build.

  3. ok, one final brainwave: why not use one of those life-rings you made and have a man overboard situation (or a practice drill): thickish wire for the life-ring and again create a tripod to keep the model up? Would also be kind of dynamic..

  4. These are all great suggestions. Thanks gentlemen. I particularly like the life-ring idea, really cool story telling... Dave

  5. Hi Dave
    Love your work I've been following the sea horse project it was sad to watch the wire problem, you could use piano wire in place of that other its very strong and you can roll it to form the curve you need.

    1. Hi Markvan, thanks for the suggestion - I think I've come up with the solution. Check out my latest video. Cheers, Dave