Monday, May 21, 2018

Precarious: Gluing the non-slip deck in place

This looks precarious. And it is. This whole setup is to keep an evenly dispersed weight on the two halves of photoetched brass non-slip decking, so that they glue flat and level to the circular styrene disk beneath them. I'm a little worried, if this loses balance somehow that heavy coffee mug will destroy the whole bloody thing!

The brass non-slip deck in position.

(The blue ceramic pot underneath is just there to take the weight of it all - this was not my brilliant solution of how to mount the whole thing, in case you were wondering!)

I bought this PE non-slip surface back in October 2017, about seven months ago. It's good to finally make use of it.

Deep breaths. Back away from the workbench slowly, and remove the cat from the room...




  1. I'm holding my breath here in Ireland because I've heard about that whole 'butterfly effect' thing....

    1. and that does look tailor-made for a cat situation.. "oh, that looks interesting, I wonder what will happen if I try to sit on..." *crash*

    2. Mike, when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was remove the mug from the balancing act. It survived the night, so this evening I can keep working on the deck. Thanks to you taking it carefully there in Ireland mate ;)

    3. No worries! And delighted to hear that it worked. This is the decking you put in in halves, right? Hows the seam up the middle look?

    4. It looks okay. I'm going to try to disguise it as much as possible, but it's not too obvious.